Brazil fudges the numbers in latest climate pledge

Brazil says it will neutralize its greenhouse gas emissions by 2060, but the pledge comes up short after analyzing the fine print

climate pledge brazil
Wildifre in Pará state: Amazon deforestation is rising at unprecedented levels. Photo: Paralaxis/Shutterstock

Hailed as a “historical document” by then-United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, the Paris Agreement of December 2015 became the first global climate agreement since 1997, when nations came together to draft the Kyoto Protocol.

This month, the agreement turns five years old as the signatory countries submit new versions of the commitments they pledged to in 2015. On Tuesday, Environment Minister Ricardo Salles announced that Brazil aims to neutralize its greenhouse gas emissions by 2060.

He went on to declare that this 40-year deadline could be brought forward, providing Brazil receives USD 10 billion every year from developed...

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