Market roundup: Crypto regulation takes a back seat

With lawmakers busy passing stimulus programs with re-election in mind, crypto regulation has been postponed. Again

Crypto regulation delays
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🔔 The dashboard: Brazil’s benchmark stock index Ibovespa dropped 3.72 percent this week — officially falling into bear market territory (more below). Meanwhile, Brazilian Real lost 2.77 percent against the U.S. Dollar this week.

  • Biggest gains: Natura (retail), + 9.52 percent
  • Biggest drops: Slc Agricola (agro), – 13.64 percent

Brazil’s House delays (again) vote on crypto regulation bill

Back in February, the scenario looked favorable for the regulation of crypto to pass in Brazil. The Senate Economic Affairs Committee fast-tracked approval of a bill on the matter and markets expected the proposal to clear both congressional chambers by April. 

But crypto...

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