Brazil braces for offshore wind boom

Regulatory advances mean Brazil is getting closer to exploiting its offshore wind potential. But the sector is not currently being developed in line with socio-environmental sustainability, civil society advocates say

Brazil braces for offshore wind boom
Brazilian wind farm along the Maranhão Atlantic coast. Photo: Juerginho/Shutterstock

Offshore wind is the latest buzzword among energy companies in Brazil, with the first Offshore Wind Summit hosted in Rio de Janeiro in June by the Global Wind Energy Council and Abeeólica, Brazil’s national wind energy association.

International oil giant Shell told conference attendees that it is in the process of applying for environmental licenses to operate offshore wind power projects with a combined capacity of 17 gigawatts in six areas in Brazilian waters.

Earlier this month Corio Generation, a subsidiary of Australian financial services company Macquarie, announced plans to construct five offshore wind parks in partnership with Brazilian...

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