Market roundup: Are Brazilians reshuffling their portfolios?

Higher interest rates made Brazilian keener on local bonds and wary of international investments

investment portfolios
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Hello and welcome back to our market roundup, when we sum up the most important goings-on in the Brazilian investment world.

🔔 The dashboard: The Ibovespa benchmark stock index was down by 0.75 percent this week. The Brazilian Real, meanwhile, gained 1.05 percent against the U.S. Dollar.

  • Biggest gains: Positivo (technology), +11.3 percent.
  • Biggest drops: Americanas (retail), -14.1 percent.

Time to reshuffle the portfolio? 

Unlike major international indexes, Brazil’s Ibovespa enjoyed a robust performance in May, closing the month up by 3.22 percent, thanks to the current commodities cycle. 

Despite the good showing, several investment banks and brokerages note that the...

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