The risks for inertial inflation in Brazil

Coming in far higher than the government's targets, Brazil's double-digit 2021 inflation rate caused havoc throughout the country. We take a look ahead to this year to find out what we should expect from Brazil's consumer prices

The risks for inertial inflation in Brazil
Illustration: Inked Pixels/Shutterstock

Consumer prices rose faster in Brazil last year than at any point since 2015, when the country faced the peak of what was, at the time, its worst recession on record. The official inflation rate sat at 0.73 percent in December and 10.06 percent for the full year. Inflation was not only above expectations, but widespread, with three in four products surveyed becoming more expensive over the course of 2021.

For 2022, economists agree that price hikes should slow down — but it might not be the “short-lived” inflation many were expecting earlier in the pandemic. Weather conditions have disrupted...

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