The ‘Chloroquine Brothers’ behind government-backed trials on unproven Covid drugs

Evidence shows that two major HMOs are continuing to distribute unproven coronavirus treatments to patients, often putting pressure on doctors to prescribe ineffective drugs

chloroquine corruption brazil
Photo: Horacio Selva/Shutterstock

While the scientific community has long dismissed any claims of efficacy in the use of chloroquine, azithromycin, and ivermectin to treat Covid-19, private health services with over 7 million clients in Brazil continue to prescribe this unproven cocktail of “early coronavirus treatment” to patients in South America’s largest country.

According to investigations from the Senate’s Covid inquiry, Hapvida — the largest HMO in Brazil’s Northeast — and elderly care firm Prevent Senior have adopted a deliberate protocol to distribute “early treatment” kits to any patient displaying Covid-19 symptoms, even before taking diagnostic tests.

Patients from both HMOs are...

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