Far-right protests are manna for Brazilian street vendors

With 140,000 protesters in Brasília all keen to look the part, the informal economy stepped up to make a buck selling green-and-gold gear

brasília protests vendors bolsonaro
Regardless of their politics, street vendors have in political rallies an opportunity to improve their income. Photo: Tiago Teles/TheNews2/Folhapress

Supporters of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro have a dress code – especially on game day. Members of the 140,000-plus crowd who filled – or tried to fill – the Esplanade of Ministries, in central Brasília, on September 7 were mostly bedecked in yellow, green, and blue. Accepted deviations include black and white, or military-style camouflage. T-shirts and headbands were emblazoned with pro-Bolsonaro slogans, most of them referencing the 2022 election, their “undying support” for him, or featured guns. Lots and lots of guns.

Protests always have uniforms. They signal a shared sense of purpose. This time around, though,...

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