Covid-19 to make permanent changes to Brazil’s deathcare market

With an unprecedented number of burials, deathcare companies in Brazil are facing drastic transformation and potential for growth

deathcare market brazil
Cemetery in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Jorge Hely Veiga/Shutterstock

Last year saw a veritable boom of companies going public on Brazil’s stock exchange. But one potential IPO for 2021 perhaps best underlines the changing landscape of the Brazilian economy amid a deadly pandemic that has claimed at least 215,000 deaths. Funeral home chain Cortel is planning a public offering this year, which could signal a major transformation in the deathcare sector.

For the time being, Cortel is an outlier among deathcare companies, which are predominantly small, local firms.

It owns ten cemeteries in four Brazilian states, and while it remains in the hands of its founding family — typical...

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