From costumes to parades, Brazil’s Carnival is now “made in China”

In this year's Carnival, whether you're watching the parades on TV, or you're at famous street celebrations, chances are that Chinese influence is never far away

feathers samba schools brazil carnival china
Feathers used in Brazil’s world-famous samba school parades are imported from China. Photo: CP DC Press/Shutterstock

From the colorful umbrellas used in frevo dances to the parades in São Paulo’s sambadrome, China seems to be creeping into every aspect of Brazil’s Carnival. What started as a result of the deep strengthening of the trade relationship between the two countries now finds a more prominent place in one of the most traditional parties in Brazilian culture.

A report by website DialogoChino shows that Brazil began to import party supplies from China in the 1990s, making it the most common source of the country’s Carnival costumes and decorations. Chinese products proved to be more competitive than the...

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