What will Brazil gain (or lose) from Bolsonaro’s cozying up to the U.S.?

What will Brazil gain (or lose) from Bolsonaro's cozying up to the U.S.?
Jair Bolsonaro supporters celebrate his electoral victory at Paulista Avenue.

Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of president-elect Jair, wore his “Trump 2020” baseball cap with pride on November 27, during a visit to Washington D.C. The headgear, more than just an accessory, indicates that the future Brazilian government is running the risk of not just being “aligned” with the U.S., but decidedly “Trumpist,” according to specialists.

This is because, in the two months since his election, Jair Bolsonaro and his government team have already announced that they plan to move their embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem while also being...

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