Feb 25, 2020
In this year's Carnival, whether you're watching the parades on TV, or you're at famous street celebrations, chances are that Chinese influence is never far away

Latin AmericaFeb 25, 2020

Besides Brazil: Carnival around Latin America

Carnival isn't just a Brazilian tradition, in...

SocietyFeb 24, 2020

The day carnival was postponed … Then Brazil celebrated it twice

A sensationalist 2017 Daily Mail headline warned that the...

SportsFeb 24, 2020

Brazilian footballers and their love for Carnival

Welcome back to the Brazil Sports newsletter! As we...
ratings sensationalist true-crime tv

Society Feb 23, 2020

Has sensationalism on Brazilian TV gone too far?

Last Tuesday, TV host Luiz Bacci starred in of...
Supreme Court Chief Justice Dias Toffoli (left)

Power Feb 22, 2020

Chief Justice eyeing up a legacy with unfinished works program

Every president, at the end of his or her...
Brazil's 2020 carnival

Society Feb 22, 2020

Brazil’s 2020 Carnival in numbers

This is Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest...


Brazil is one of the largest agricultural producers in the world, being the third-largest exporter behind only the U.S. and the European Union. Over the past three years, the...

PowerFeb 20, 2020

After senator is shot, police strike could spread across Brazil

On Wednesday afternoon, Senator Cid Gomes was shot twice...

PowerFeb 20, 2020

Brazilian municipalities enter election season strapped for funds

Brazilians head to the polls in October 2020 to...

PowerFeb 18, 2020

Marcelo Bretas: the new Car Wash face cozying up to Bolsonaro

After accompanying President Jair Bolsonaro to an Evangelical Christian...
Adriano Nobrega office of crime Bolsonaro

Power Feb 12, 2020

Unanswered questions and presidential links of killed crime boss

Adriano da Nóbrega, killed on Sunday in a police operation, is accused to have led a notorious Rio death squad and is...
Prosecutors pursuing journalists and lawyers in anti-corruption probes

Power Feb 11, 2020

Prosecutors pursuing journalists and lawyers in anti-corruption probes

Brazilian investigators may have overstepped boundaries in their pursuit of evidence in anti-corruption cases, with journalists and lawyers caught up in the...
Lula at the Workers' Party's 40th anniversary

Power Feb 10, 2020

Lula’s party turns 40 in midlife crisis

It has been 40 years since former trade-union leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva founded the Workers’ Party, the most successful Brazilian political group...


Brazil has huge potential to use its rivers as cargo transportation routes, but the system is dramatically underused

BusinessFeb 14, 2020

Heineken celebrations watered down by legal dispute

Only days after Dutch brewing company Heineken announced that...

BusinessFeb 13, 2020

How tax cuts on fuels may impact Brazil’s tax reform?

President Jair Bolsonaro has engaged in tax...

BusinessFeb 12, 2020

The government’s railway plans to get Brazil back on track

Railway concessions aim to increase the amount...
Brazil Central Bank building deficit

Business Feb 08, 2020

Brazil’s current account deficit: reason for concern?

Events in China and Argentina led to a growth in the deficit of Brazil's balance of payments. Should we be worried?
Lower interest rates may boost Brazil’s real estate market

Business Feb 06, 2020

Lower interest rates may boost Brazil’s real estate market

The Brazilian Central Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee has once again lowered the country’s benchmark interest rates, to a record-low 4.25 percent a year. It...
iowa caucus

Business Jan 31, 2020

How will the Iowa caucus impact the Brazilian market?

The choice of Donald Trump's adversary in the 2020 U.S. election begins at Monday's Iowa caucus. Whatever the outcome, Brazilian markets will be affected


Brazil a hub for unicorns; the race for digital maturity in Brazil; Twitter Brazil has a hate speech problem. And more

TechFeb 20, 2020

Is Brazil ready for Tesla? And is Tesla ready for Brazil?

Reports that the electric vehicle manufacturer is...

TechFeb 14, 2020

Tech Roundup, Feb. 14, 2020 | Small providers revolutionizing Brazil’s internet

A digest of the most important news on technology...

TechFeb 11, 2020

Specialists call for calm in Brazil’s 5G auction

At the beginning of February, Brazil’s telecom regulator Anatel...
NASA weather

Tech Feb 07, 2020

Tech Roundup, Feb. 7, 2020 | NASA looks to Brazil for its weather data

You’re reading The Brazilian Report‘s weekly tech roundup, a digest of the most important news on technology and innovation in Brazil. This week’s topics:...
tech healthcare

Tech Jan 31, 2020

Tech Roundup, Jan. 31, 2020 | Brazil’s bet to expand healthcare

Should the government own health data on the entire population? The booming digital payments market. Brazil's complex industry loses steam. And more
Tech Roundup Jan. 24, 2020 | São Paulo aims at leading Brazil's leap to industry 4.0

Tech Jan 24, 2020

Tech Roundup, Jan. 24, 2020 | São Paulo aims at leading Brazil’s leap to industry 4.0

Tech Roundup Jan. 24, 2020: São Paulo's industry 4.0 plans taking shape. The end of electric scooter rental? Brazilian startups attract record investments in...


Despite Economy Minister Paulo Guedes' comments, domestic workers in Brazil weren't "going to Disneyland" during the 2010s and the profession lays bare a number of cultural inequalities...

SocietyFeb 15, 2020

Numbers of the week: Feb. 15, 2020

Carnival parades, attacks against the press, the rout of...

SocietyFeb 10, 2020

Brazil’s lack of urban planning still to blame for disasters

Excessive rainfall in the country's Southeast has caused destruction...

SocietyFeb 09, 2020

Book clubs the not-so-new hope for struggling Brazilian publishing industry

As the Brazilian publishing market continues to grapple with...
Brazil by the Numbers oil bolsonaro energy bhp country risk marielle poverty rio currency amazon paraisópolis xp 2019 inflation nazi imf coronavirus carnival

Society Feb 08, 2020

Numbers of the week: Feb. 8, 2020

Monthly inflation for January, suspected cases of coronavirus, carnival profits, the extradition of a convicted killer, banned books... And more
coronavirus brazil

Society Feb 07, 2020

What Brazil is doing to prevent the coronavirus from entering the country

In a bid to get ahead of the outbreak, the Brazilian government has sanctioned a series of rules facilitating their fight against the coronavirus
Damares Alves no sex policies

Society Feb 05, 2020

No Sex Please, We’re Brazilian

Brazil's Evangelical human rights minister wants to rely on teen abstinence to curb teen pregnancy rates. Can it work?


More than six months after the gigantic oil spill on the Brazilian coast—the causes of which are still unclear—the country’s Navy has introduced a requirement for vessels sailing in...

EnvironmentFeb 14, 2020

Brazil’s indigenous handed a “death sentence” with new mining bill

A series of administrative changes and a...

EnvironmentJan 29, 2020

Why indigenous lands are pivotal against climate change

Under threat from Bolsonaro, indigenous lands are guardians against...

EnvironmentJan 27, 2020

What makes Brazil the lightning capital of the world?

Influenced by weather phenomena such as El Niño and...
One year on, Brumadinho still cries for justice

Environment Jan 25, 2020

One year on, Brumadinho still cries for justice

Walking on the streets of Brumadinho, the small town south-west of Brazil’s sixth-largest city Belo Horizonte, the overriding sensation is of a community in...
Solid waste could be a goldmine for Brazilian companies

Environment Jan 23, 2020

Solid waste could be a goldmine for Brazilian companies

Brazil's recycling policies and statistics have traditionally been poor, but waste collection companies indicate that firms around the country are missing out...
The biggest perpetrators of environmental crimes in Brazil

Environment Jan 21, 2020

The real perpetrators of environmental crimes in Brazil

One year after flopping at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, President Jair Bolsonaro decided to skip the 2020 edition of the notorious...

Latin America

While challenging the crimes of the military dictatorship is seen as a "leftist" cause in Brazil, their South American neighbors have made great strides in reckoning with...

Latin AmericaFeb 13, 2020

Is this the end of Fujimorismo in Peru?

The political dynasty that dominated Peru for...

Latin AmericaFeb 12, 2020

Argentina looking to get back into Brazil’s good books with visit

Meetings between Argentina's foreign minister and the...

Latin AmericaFeb 05, 2020

Argentina’s plan to climb out of its debt sinkhole

Argentinian President Alberto Fernández has embarked on...
el salvador lgbt

Latin America Feb 02, 2020

Transphobic violence haunts the towns of El Salvador

When the discussion moves to gender, homosexuality, and civil rights in El Salvador, one must be aware of the risks and social rejection in...
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, ex president of Argentina, with Pope Francis

Latin America Jan 27, 2020

Pope Francis’ role in Argentinian politics

When Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio was announced as the new head of the Catholic Church in 2013, his compatriots in Argentina were just as surprised...
democracy People crowds protesting at Santiago de Chile. Photo: AbriendoMundo/Shutterstock

Latin America Jan 23, 2020

Is democracy weakening across Latin America?

The latest report from The Economist Intelligence Unit shows a worsening of democracy across the region, thanks to unrest and political instability...


The annual celebrations to be held this weekend have helped Brazil earn a reputation as one of the world's "coolest" countries, but cool can only take you...

OpinionFeb 18, 2020

Brazil’s humane refugee policies put developed countries to shame

Faced with hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans...

OpinionFeb 03, 2020

Bolsonaro buying support in Congress, and it’s all legal

Earlier today, I addressed the changes in Brazil’s system...

OpinionFeb 03, 2020

‘Coalition presidentialism’ in the Bolsonaro government

In the first instalment of a two-part...
Bolsonaro's foreign policy is "amateur and improvised," says diplomat

Opinion Jan 26, 2020

Bolsonaro’s foreign policy is “amateur and improvised,” says diplomat

Foreign policy is a minefield, often having to contradict itself due to complex global realities. However, the Jair Bolsonaro government has surpassed all limits,...
moro felipe santa cruz oab bolsonaro

Opinion Jan 16, 2020

“Bolsonaro’s government encourages radicalism”: Brazilian Bar Association president

Felipe Santa Cruz, a vocal critic of the Bolsonaro government, speaks to The Brazilian Report about Sergio Moro, labor rights, and the...
brazil politics center

Opinion Jan 06, 2020

A look to the future and the future of the center

Technological development has trampled everything humanity was once used to. Knowledge multiplies at an astounding pace and breaks paradigms in the economy and in...


Researchers have stumbled across a huge undiscovered lake, hidden under plants in the Rio Negro floodplain, in the heart of the Pantanal biome

TourismSep 28, 2019

Holambra: the Dutchest city in Brazil

On the flat highway heading north-west out of the...

TourismSep 12, 2019

Brazil’s tourism board doesn’t cater to foreigners

A new program announced by the Brazilian Tourism Board...

TourismAug 25, 2019

Is São Paulo really getting its own Puerto Madero?

Walking around the Rio de la Plata in Buenos...
New Year celebrations at Copacabana Beach

Tourism Aug 18, 2019

Spending New Year in Brazil? You should book now

Brazil’s New Year celebrations are world-famous. In coastal towns, beaches are covered with throngs of revelers and fireworks light up the sky. Not surprisingly,...
Winter tourism destinations for when Brazil gets chilly Historic City Center of Campos do Jordão at night

Tourism Jul 25, 2019

Winter tourism destinations for when Brazil gets chilly

The image of Brazil abroad is incompatible with the notion of winter. Most tourists come expecting to lay back on a beach with a...
brazil plan boost tourism

Tourism May 21, 2019

Brazil’s plan to double tourists in three years

For people around the world, Brazil conjures up images of the exotic, the exuberant, and the exciting. You would be hard pressed to find...


Ronaldinho Gaucho's latest advertising foray which has him in hot water with the courts. Corinthians dumped out of the Copa Libertadores in a night full of surprises and coincidences....

SportsFeb 10, 2020

Flamengo come in for criticism in deadly fire memorial

One year after the fire that killed ten youth...

SportsFeb 03, 2020

Super Bowl a cinematic affair in Brazil

Welcome back to the Brazil Sports newsletter! This week,...

SportsJan 27, 2020

Copa São Paulo: the youth cup taken very seriously indeed

Welcome back to the Brazil Sports newsletter. This week,...
SCCP paulistao state championships

Sports Jan 20, 2020

What are Brazil football’s “state championships”?

The Brazilian football season starts with state championships. And what to expect from 2020: 50 years of the 1970 World Cup, Tokyo Olympics, and...
cruzeiro relegated brazilian league

Sports Dec 09, 2019

Cruzeiro fans riot after historic relegation

Hello, and welcome to the Brazil Sports newsletter! With the league season brought to a close, we look at the momentous relegation of Cruzeiro,...
ufc 1 gracie

Sports Dec 02, 2019

Remember the birth of the UFC

Good morning and welcome back to the Brazil Sports newsletter. On this week’s edition: the birth of the UFC and the strange process of...

Guide to Brazil

Among the Western Romance tongues, Brazilian Portuguese is one of the most straightforward languages to pick up. It is forgiving, common usage involves a much smaller amount of verb...

Guide to BrazilNov 20, 2019

Beyond “12 Years a Slave”: the story of Luiz Gama

On November 20, Brazil celebrates Black Consciousness Day—observed as...

Guide to BrazilNov 07, 2019

How to validate your diploma in Brazil

The effects of Brazil’s infamously tortuous bureaucracy on the...

Guide to BrazilAug 21, 2019

A guide to Brazil’s main regulatory agencies

Brazil’s power structure is split between the Executive, Legislative,...
bossa nova rio de janeiro brazil

Guide to Brazil Jul 08, 2019

The origins of Bossa Nova in Brazil

Brazil is mourning the death of legendary musician João Gilberto, who passed away on Saturday, July 6, at the age of 88. A visionary...

Guide to Brazil Apr 23, 2019

14 must-reads in Brazilian literature for every book lover

Brazilian literature manages to encapsulate the Portuguese language with a Brazilian flair and local themes. Even for those reading the translated versions, these authors...
entrepreneurs brazil bureaucracy

Guide to Brazil Apr 15, 2019

What it is like being an entrepreneur in Brazil?

In its latest study about Brazil, consultancy firm McKinsey defined Brazil as a “country of entrepreneurs in the broader definition of the word,” after...
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