Jul 08, 2020
A preprint paper found traces of Sars-CoV-2 in sewage samples from a southern Brazilian city dating back to November, months before the pandemic


During the week, Brazilian bicycle and motorcycle couriers working for delivery apps staged a national strike for better pay and working conditions. Their demand is far from utopic: they...


Created to promote black culture in Brazil, the Palmares Foundation under Jair Bolsonaro has become an institution that propagates racism instead of combating it

Latin America

Mexico's president has come in for widespread criticism for his response to the coronavirus crisis. But is all this vilification justified?


For many of historic cities, tourism is the number 1 source of revenue. But a rushed reopening might have devastating long-term effects


Despite no let-up in coronavirus cases around the country, Brazil is looking to resume football. Lower-division sides fear financial collapse

Guide to Brazil

Among the Western Romance tongues, Brazilian Portuguese is one of the most straightforward languages to pick up. It is forgiving, common usage involves a much smaller amount of verb...
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