May 25, 2020
Argentina is set to face yet another default. We look back at the country's history of unpaid debts, all the way back to its 1816 independence

CoronavirusMay 25, 2020

Without lockdown, Brazilian cities pass prohibition laws

Reluctant to enact full lockdowns, local administrations...

Latin AmericaMay 25, 2020

Costa Rica sets example to be followed in Latin America

As the Central American nation makes it...

Brazil WeeklyMay 25, 2020

Escalating radicalism in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

Pro-Bolsonaro officers talk about a possible "civil war" in...
Brazil's Prosecutor General Augusto Aras has operated more like the president's counsel than a true prosecutor.

Power May 24, 2020

Will Brazil’s prosecutor general kill Bolsonaro’s probe?

Prosecutor General Augusto Aras has operated more...
Residents of the Babilônia favela, in Rio de Janeiro, disinfect the streets. Photo: Photocarioca/Shutterstock

Coronavirus May 24, 2020

Covid-19 and inequality: For whom the bells don’t toll

Jair Bolsonaro once famously declared that in...
favela lives matter brazil rio de janeiro

Opinion May 23, 2020

Favela Lives Don’t Matter in Brazil

The killing of a 14-year-old boy is...


The "Mourão Risk" makes impeachment an unlikely scenario. For some insiders, the Electoral Court might be the only way to remove Bolsonaro

PowerMay 22, 2020

Much-awaited video exposes gross mismanagement in Bolsonaro government

The much-anticipated footage of a Bolsonaro cabinet...

PowerMay 20, 2020

The lawyers who could put the Bolsonaros in hot water

Two Rio de Janeiro lawyers could be...

PowerMay 18, 2020

Youngest Bolsonaro son a chip off the old block

Jair Renan Bolsonaro, 22, is the youngest...
minas gerais test covid-19

Power May 16, 2020

Called out on its bullshit, Minas Gerais hides Covid-19 data

Minas Gerais gloats about low Covid-19 numbers. But this is because the state isn’t testing enough. Exposed, the governor chose to hide...
Cemetery in Manaus, capital city of Amazonas. Photo: Fernando Crispim/Amazônia Real

Coronavirus May 16, 2020

Politics and pseudoscience making Amazonas Covid-19 crisis even worse

Amazonas' healthcare system has collapsed. To make things even messier, Governor Wilson Lima could be facing impeachment
Brazil goes through second Health Minister in under a month

Coronavirus May 15, 2020

Brazil goes through second Health Minister in under a month

With nothing to show for, Nelson Teich quits as Brazil's Health Minister — over disagreements with Jair Bolsonaro on using chloroquine to...


Covid-19 emergency aid has kept Bolsonaro's approval ratings stable, but does the government have the firepower to sustain it?

CoronavirusMay 21, 2020

Could Covid-19 spark a rebirth of Brazil’s development bank?

Brazil's National Development Bank has lain dormant...

BusinessMay 17, 2020

Delivery is the future for fine dining in Brazil

Even the swankiest restaurants have turned their...

BusinessMay 15, 2020

Parking operator is Brazil’s first ‘online’ IPO

Amid the pandemic parking operator Allpark goes...
Is printing money the solution for the Brazilian crisis

Business May 11, 2020

Is printing money the solution for the Brazilian crisis?

With no room to increase public spending and a pressing need for investment, Brazilian economists suggest it may be time to employ...
Gol earnings report a glimpse of dire times for Brazilian airlines

Coronavirus May 04, 2020

Gol earnings report a glimpse of dire times for Brazilian airlines

With planes grounded due to Covid-19, market leader Gol predicts poor results for the remainder of 2020, putting the entire Brazilian aviation...
antitrust brazil pandemic covid-19

Business May 04, 2020

The challenges Brazilian antitrust watchdog will face after the pandemic

The pandemic will force companies into mergers and acquisitions. This will pose a new challenge for Brazil's antitrust authorities


A digest of the most important news on technology and innovation in Brazil this week

TechMay 15, 2020

Tech Roundup, May 15, 2020 | Remote work in Brazil — and internet speed

A digest of the most important news on technology...

TechMay 08, 2020

Tech Roundup May 8, 2020 | Venture investment in Latin America still to feel coronavirus effect

Venture capital growing in Latin America. The...

TechMay 01, 2020

Tech Roundup, May 1, 2020 | Brazil’s tech market still waiting for Covid-19 push

Brazilian companies' overreliance on offline work. Data privacy on...
Tech Roundup, Apr. 25 | How prepared are NGOs for new data protection rules?

Tech Apr 25, 2020

Tech Roundup, Apr. 25 | How prepared are NGOs for new data protection rules?

Our weekly Tech Roundup is a digest of the most important news on technology and innovation in Brazil
Since taking office, Jair Bolsonaro has used Twitter as his principal bully pulpit, but what is Twitter actually saying?

Tech Apr 24, 2020

Noise of Moro exit drowned out previous political crises

Since taking office, Jair Bolsonaro has used Twitter as his principal bully pulpit, but what is Twitter actually saying?
startups telemedicine

Tech Apr 17, 2020

Tech Roundup, Apr. 17 | Startups to help Covid-19 fight

How startups can help the government fight the coronavirus. The digitization of police reports in times of social distancing. And more.


This is Brazil by the Numbers, a weekly digest of the most interesting figures tucked inside the latest news about Brazil

CoronavirusMay 21, 2020

How Covid-19 is taking over Brazil’s poorest region

Covid-19 is spreading faster in Brazil's Northeast,...

SocietyMay 19, 2020

Activist farmers in Brazil step in to feed the hungry and aid the sick

In the absence of federal aid, landless...

CoronavirusMay 19, 2020

Brazil breaks into Covid-19 top 3, but could already be number 1

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Brazil have taken the country...
minister deaths war covid-19 Brazil by the Numbers oil bolsonaro energy bhp country risk marielle poverty rio currency amazon paraisópolis xp 2019 inflation nazi imf coronavirus carnival Iron ore femicides coronavirus deaths

Society May 16, 2020

Numbers of the week: May 16, 2020

A weekly digest of the most interesting figures tucked inside the latest news about Brazil
evangelical churches

Society May 12, 2020

Evangelical churches aggravating Brazil’s Covid-19 crisis

Besides holding mass to thousands of people and calling for the end of quarantine, many evangelical preachers sell magic solutions to Covid-19
race black brazilians covid 19

Coronavirus May 10, 2020

Race matters in the Covid-19 fight

Black Brazilians are more vulnerable to the coronavirus. They have less access to health services and fewer possibilities of social distancing


Ricardo Salles, Brazil's embattled Environment Minister, speaks to The Brazilian Report

EnvironmentMay 12, 2020

Deforestation and land-grabbing at full steam during Covid-19

With the formal economy grinding to a...

EnvironmentApr 28, 2020

Is nature healing itself during The Great Lockdown? Not quite

While air quality is improving and carbon...

EnvironmentApr 15, 2020

During Covid-19, deforestation rises and the Amazon is left exposed

A reduction in oversight measures due to...
Indigenous communities at risk of "genocide" with Covid-19 outbreak

Environment Mar 27, 2020

Indigenous communities at risk of “genocide” with Covid-19 outbreak

Though cases of coronavirus have yet to appear in Brazil's indigenous villages, specialists fear that the epidemic could decimate traditional populations
oil spill brazil navy

Environment Feb 15, 2020

After the horse has bolted, Brazil’s Navy locks the stable door

More than six months after the gigantic oil spill on the Brazilian coast—the causes of which are still unclear—the country’s Navy has introduced a...
Brazil's indigenous handed a "death sentence" with new mining bill

Environment Feb 14, 2020

Brazil’s indigenous handed a “death sentence” with new mining bill

A series of administrative changes and a new proposal to legalize mining and farming on protected reserves has left Brazil's indigenous communities...

Latin America

Latin America is soon becoming the new Covid-19 epicenter. However, not all countries are in panic mode

Latin AmericaMay 08, 2020

How not to invade a country: the Venezuela edition

An armed incursion on Venezuelan territory, reportedly...

Latin AmericaMay 06, 2020

More IMF loans in Latin America dig up troubled memories

With Ecuador and Colombia borrowing huge sums...

Latin AmericaApr 28, 2020

El Salvador uses Covid-19 as excuse for gang massacres

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele was praised for...
Argentina exits Mercosur negotiations, upending trade deals

Latin America Apr 25, 2020

Argentina exits Mercosur negotiations, upending trade deals

Using the coronavirus as cover, Buenos Aires has in a drastic policy shift decided to embark on a more protectionist stance
Pro democracy demonstrators in Tarija, Bolivia. Photo: Charles Bingaman/Shutterstock

Latin America Apr 20, 2020

Covid-19 threatens to shake democracy around Latin America

With Bolsonaro supporting anti-democratic protests, elections being suspended, and economies tanking, there is justified fear for democracy in Latin America
Covid-19 turning back the flow of migration in Latin America

Latin America Apr 16, 2020

Covid-19 turning back the flow of migration in Latin America

Migrants who left their countries are now returning home in their droves, creating a host of new migration challenges amid the coronavirus outbreak


As Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency veers from low to low and crisis to crisis, how is his position in power still relatively secure?

OpinionMay 16, 2020

Teich chose not to be Bolsonaro’s Sisyphus

Like Sisyphus, Nelson Teich saw himself stuck...

OpinionMay 14, 2020

Bolsonaro and the peril of permanent outrage

More often than not, permanent outrage —...

OpinionMay 05, 2020

Brazil’s first impeached president: “I see the same situation happening now”

Former President Fernando Collor, impeached in 1992,...
groundhog day brazilian politics

Opinion May 03, 2020

Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency: when ‘Groundhog Day’ meets ‘Friday the 13th’

The reality of covering Jair Bolsonaro's Brazil is akin to an endless loop of indignance, topped off with a large dose of...
Sergio Moro Bolsonaro

Opinion Apr 27, 2020

What does the future hold for Sergio Moro?

Moro's departure from the cabinet could end up collapsing the Bolsonaro administration, but where will the former Car Wash judge go from...
'I don't see any of the military cabinet members as competent"

Opinion Apr 19, 2020

‘I don’t see any of the military cabinet members as competent”

Former ambassador to the U.S. Rubens Ricupero speaks on the role of the armed forces in government and Brazil's response to Covid-19


The entire tourism ecosystem in Brazil is in jeopardy — as states mull over lockdown measures — and the pandemic continues to spiral out of control

TourismMar 16, 2020

Brazil intervenes in the credit market, but is it too little, too late?

The Covid-19 pandemic could cause irreparable damage...

TourismJan 04, 2020

The hidden landscapes of Brazil’s Pantanal

Researchers have stumbled across a huge undiscovered lake, hidden...

TourismSep 28, 2019

Holambra: the Dutchest city in Brazil

On the flat highway heading north-west out of the...
Brazil tourism board doesn't cater to foreigners

Tourism Sep 12, 2019

Brazil’s tourism board doesn’t cater to foreigners

A new program announced by the Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur) has sparked criticism that the country’s tourism promotion platform is being directed at Brazilians,...
Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires Pinheiros River

Tourism Aug 25, 2019

Is São Paulo really getting its own Puerto Madero?

Walking around the Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires is among the most pleasant experiences the city has to offer. Puerto Madero’s pool...
New Year celebrations at Copacabana Beach

Tourism Aug 18, 2019

Spending New Year in Brazil? You should book now

Brazil’s New Year celebrations are world-famous. In coastal towns, beaches are covered with throngs of revelers and fireworks light up the sky. Not surprisingly,...


With the death of Brazil's "father of futsal," we look at the history of the sport and its massive influence on football as a whole

SportsMay 11, 2020

Cash-strapped Brazilian players want to get back on the pitch

Brazilian footballers have come out in favor of bringing...

SportsMay 04, 2020

A premature return for Brazilian football?

With the Covid-19 pandemic reaching a critical stage in...

SportsApr 27, 2020

Rituals, superstitions, and Brazilian football

The history of superstition and faith in...
How much will Covid-19 cost Brazilian football?

Sports Apr 20, 2020

How much will Covid-19 cost Brazilian football?

The billionaire hit facing the country's football clubs, forced to down tools amid the Covid-19 pandemic
Nostalgia on TV reignites old Brazil debate

Sports Apr 14, 2020

Nostalgia on TV reignites old Brazil debate

Reruns of classic matches reignite an interesting debate on style v. results
Brazilian football faces crisis as sponsors cut and run

Sports Apr 06, 2020

Brazilian football faces crisis as sponsors cut and run

The survival of a number of Brazilian football clubs at even more risk

Guide to Brazil

Among the Western Romance tongues, Brazilian Portuguese is one of the most straightforward languages to pick up. It is forgiving, common usage involves a much smaller amount of verb...

Guide to BrazilNov 20, 2019

Beyond “12 Years a Slave”: the story of Luís Gama

On November 20, Brazil celebrates Black Consciousness Day—observed as...

Guide to BrazilNov 07, 2019

How to validate your diploma in Brazil

The effects of Brazil’s infamously tortuous bureaucracy on the...

Guide to BrazilAug 21, 2019

A guide to Brazil’s main regulatory agencies

Brazil’s power structure is split between the Executive, Legislative,...
bossa nova rio de janeiro brazil

Guide to Brazil Jul 08, 2019

The origins of Bossa Nova in Brazil

Brazil is mourning the death of legendary musician João Gilberto, who passed away on Saturday, July 6, at the age of 88. A visionary...

Guide to Brazil Apr 23, 2019

14 must-reads in Brazilian literature for every book lover

Brazilian literature manages to encapsulate the Portuguese language with a Brazilian flair and local themes. Even for those reading the translated versions, these authors...
entrepreneurs brazil bureaucracy

Guide to Brazil Apr 15, 2019

What it is like being an entrepreneur in Brazil?

In its latest study about Brazil, consultancy firm McKinsey defined Brazil as a “country of entrepreneurs in the broader definition of the word,” after...
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