Brazil missing out on billions in eco-tourism potential

Despite being home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches and parks, Brazil vastly underperforms as a tourist destination — one part of the sector says private capital is the answer

ecotourism tourism parks
The Caracol state park, in the South, was auctioned off earlier this month. Photo: Vitor Marigo/Shutterstock

Covid restrictions no longer prevent people from traveling, but Brazil’s tourism sector is still struggling to recover from two years of revenue losses in the billions. The way to get back on track, experts say, is to take advantage of the country’s vast and underused natural beauty.

Data from the Tourism Ministry shows that eco-tourism destinations attracted around 700,000 foreign tourists to Brazil in 2019 — about 10 percent of all international tourists coming to the country. 

In domestic terms, 7 percent of all trips made by Brazilians in the last pre-pandemic year were to eco-tourism spots, according to data...

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