Tech Roundup: Brazil big ICT spenders

With a growing digital economy, Brazil is spending much more on ICT, with the sector hitting its highest forecasts in eight years

Brazil big ICT spenders
Photo: Golden Sikorka/Shutterstock

Welcome to our Tech Roundup. In this week’s edition, explaining why Brazil’s ICT spending is on the up.

Brazil increases spending ICT spending above global average

A global study carried out by Softex shows that spending on services in information and communication technology (ICT) should reach USD 5.5 trillion this year. The sector’s main players — the U.S., China, and the European Union — are expected to answer for around 60 percent of this market.

  • Brazil, meanwhile, should make up around 1 percent of the global market.

Baby steps. Even with such a minor share, the country has annually...

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