After pandemic boom, sextechs are breaking taboos in Brazil

Sales of vibrators doubled during the first five months of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil — but the country's erotic product sector goes far beyond sex toys

sextechs pandemic
Photo: Pantynova

During the Covid-19 pandemic, 27-year-old civil engineer Rita from São Paulo decided to break up with her boyfriend of five years. Facing a single’s life during social isolation, with bars closed and in-person dating out of the question, Rita decided to delve into the world of sex toys. “If it weren’t for the pandemic, I don’t know if I’d ever have thought about buying my first vibrator. It didn’t seem necessary before,” explains Rita. “Plus, I probably would have been too shy to actually go into a sex shop and buy something.”

“Thankfully, now I know there’s a world that...

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