Mar 28, 2019
Workplace customs can vary considerably from country to country. And when expats come to Brazil, some growing pains are expected. Brazilians are, in general, very welcoming and always willing to help. However, adapting to Brazil’s workplace habits could prove...

Brazil DailyMar 19, 2019

Bolsonaro and Trump to talk Venezuela, China

In today’s issue: Bolsonaro and Trump to talk Venezuela,...

TourismMar 18, 2019

Will visa exemptions really boost tourism in Brazil?

As President Jair Bolsonaro prepares to meet with his...

TourismDec 05, 2018

Brazil gets its very own Golden Visa

Since its creation in 2012, the Portuguese Golden Visa...
Visa policy travel to Brazil

Guide to Brazil Oct 15, 2017

Do you need a visa to visit Brazil?

Brazil has a visa policy that’s based on a principle of reciprocity: if we Brazilians need a visa to enter your country, then you’ll...
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