Dec 14, 2019
In certain neighborhoods, the “Wonderful City” of Rio de Janeiro resembles more of a warzone than a tourist attraction. For years, the city’s unique terrain has been fought over tooth-and-nail by a selection of rival drug gangs, with the...

Latin AmericaDec 07, 2019

Legal marijuana in Uruguay: example or cautionary tale?

Uruguay blazed a trail worldwide in the legalization of...

BusinessDec 04, 2019

Cannabis investments blazing in Brazil

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes remains taboo...

Brazil DailyNov 27, 2019

Brazil bars marijuana monopoly

Good morning! We’re covering today Brazil’s promising cannabis market....
currency exchange brazilian real us dollar

Brazil Daily Nov 26, 2019

Less dollars, no problem?

Good morning! Brazil’s currency woes “not a problem” for the government. The U.S. to make life easier for Brazilian travelers. Operation Car Wash could...
horacio cartes

Latin America Nov 20, 2019

Why Operation Car Wash wants to arrest Paraguay’s ex-president

Since the inception of Operation Car Wash in 2014, it was a matter of time before Brazil’s sweeping corruption investigation into wrongdoings within construction...
New drug use survey offers a look at substance habits in Brazil

Society Aug 10, 2019

New drug use survey offers a look at substance habits in Brazil

In 2015, a drug decriminalization bill reached the Supreme Court. However, after a meeting with the vehemently anti-drugs President Jair Bolsonaro, Chief Justice Dias...
altamira brazil amazon

Society Aug 03, 2019

Altamira: how a quiet Amazonian town became Brazil’s murder capital

On Monday, a prison riot in the city of Altamira, in the northern state of Pará, resulted in the deaths of at least 58...
Brazil authorities are moving towards regulating cannabis marijuana for medicinal purposes, but the proposal on the table has angered both sides of the debate

Society Jun 28, 2019

Brazil’s push to regulate medical marijuana industry

In relation to the global trend toward decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis, Brazil is lagging way behind. With Canada, Portugal, Uruguay, and much of the...
air force 39 kilos of cocaine The cocaine in Spain stays mainly on the plane

Power Jun 26, 2019

The cocaine in Spain stays mainly on the plane

With the G20 summit beginning in Osaka this Friday, the expectation was that Jair Bolsonaro’s meetings with China’s general secretary Xi Jinping would take...
moro brazil car wash

Brazil Daily Jun 11, 2019

Operation Car Wash’s Sandcastle

Operation Car Wash’s Sandcastle Years before Operation Car Wash and Judge Sergio Moro shattered the Brazilian political system, another probe threatened political parties and...
brazil anti drug policy

Power May 18, 2019

How Brazil’s institutional crisis shaped a terrible drug policy

While Brazil’s streets were taken by nationwide protests against budget cuts in education and the government engaged in a full-scale battle against lawmakers in...
100 days of Jair Bolsonaro: Brazilian politics pension reform

Brazil Daily Feb 21, 2019

Government presents much-anticipated pension reform bill

In today’s issue: Government presents much-anticipated pension reform bill. Can the pension reform pass in Congress? Government presents much-anticipated pension reform bill President Jair...
pcc marcola

Society Feb 14, 2019

The wicked plan to free Brazil’s deadliest drug gang leaders

On February 13, São Paulo state authorities decided to move against the PCC (The First Command of the Capital)—Brazil’s most powerful and arguably deadliest...
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Podcast Feb 13, 2019

Explaining Brazil #47: Brazil’s war on drugs failed. What next?

Listen and subscribe to our podcast from your mobile device: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud | YouTube | Google Podcasts Brazil’s war on...
A committee of legal scholars and health professionals has come up with a new proposal on how to deal with drugs. But a conservative Congress could be a massive hurdle.

Society Feb 08, 2019

Brazil’s new plan to deal with drugs

Police raids, arrests, and deaths. For years that has been the extent of Brazil’s policy on drugs. The strategy has not only utterly failed — as...
vale brumadinho

Brazil Daily Jan 31, 2019

Brumadinho: death toll reaches 99

Good morning! We continue our coverage of the Brumadinho dam collapse. Brazil defends WTO changes opposed by China. MDB to decide today on its...
haddad bolsonaro anti lula polarization brazil presidential election brazilian election

Brazil Weekly Oct 27, 2018

In which promises should we believe?

In this week’s issue: The most important facts of the week. Presidential polls in 14 states. Election: In which promises should we believe? The...
No, Brazil won't become a narco-state

Society Oct 10, 2018

No, Brazil won’t become a narco-state

On Monday, retired Army General Augusto Heleno was invited by Band TV as a special guest for the station’s electoral broadcast. He was there...
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