Hunger is not just a crisis today. It will hurt Brazil for decades to come

Studies show that malnourished youngsters face a series of physical, social, and mental issues, making it hard for them to ever reach their full professional potential in adulthood

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People scavenge for food in the trash at Recife’s municipal market. Photo: Danilo Verpa/Folhapress

Children suffer more from hunger in Brazil. Nearly 38 percent of households with kids aged 10 and under experienced hunger or at least some sort of food insecurity over the past year — the rate drops to less than 31 percent in homes without children. The data comes from a recent nationwide study from Rede Penssan, a food security research network.

Besides the grave and immediate problem — which The Brazilian Report covered in a recent in-depth investigation — hunger leaves scars felt for years. Infants deprived of proper nutrition are unlikely ever to reach their full economic potential, making...

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