Brazil is on the verge of a drug shortage

A recent survey shows that there is a lack of drugs and other medical supplies in Brazil’s hospitals and health centers. The government says it has already done all it can in response

brazil drug shortage
Hospitals around Brazil are running out of drugs and essential supplies. Photo: Joa Souza/Shutterstock

Essential pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, dipyrone, and even saline bags are lacking in Brazil’s public and private hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic services. There are several reasons for the drug shortage, and according to notes sent by the Health Ministry and federal health regulator Anvisa to The Brazilian Report, some are out of the government’s hands.

Since March, entities such as Conass, the council of state health officials, and Conasems, which unites municipal officials, have reported medicine shortages, particularly a lack of injectable drugs. In May, they sent a joint statement to the Health Ministry flagging problems in 23 of the...

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