What to expect from Brazil’s UN Security Council presidency

Over the course of July, Brazil will head the UN's top body. Brasília correspondent Cedê Silva investigated the country's priorities

Security Council Considers Situation in Guinea-Bissau
Brazil’s permanent UN representative, Ronaldo Costa Filho, acting as chair of the Guinea-Bissau Configuration of the Peacebuilding Commission. Photo: Evan Schneider/UN Photo

Brazil is taking over the presidency of the UN Security Council. 

The Security Council is the UN’s top body, the only forum able to impose sanctions and authorize the use of force, including peacekeeping operations. Its rotating presidency is held by each member country for a month, according to alphabetical order in English. Albania presided in June, with China due to take over after Brazil, in August.

The president of the Security Council is responsible for its agenda. Before taking over, a delegation forwards a draft program to other members of the council. While part of the agenda is...

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