HMO moguls make massive donation to Workers’ Party

Lula is trying to lure support from big business. Official data shows he might have gotten major funding from a large-scale health group

Lula hapvida HMO moguls make massive donation to Workers' Party
Former President Lula would win the presidency for a third time, in a first-round landslide, if the election were today. Photo: Bruno Santos/ Folhapress

In 2021, major HMO Hapvida was at the epicenter of Brazil’s central political fact of the year, the Senate’s Covid inquiry. Senators accused the country’s largest health insurer of pushing unproven “early treatment” against the coronavirus, touted by President Jair Bolsonaro, and which included ineffective drugs such as chloroquine. 

Essentially, Hapvida used patients as guinea pigs, the inquiry’s final report concluded.

At the time, The Brazilian Report revealed that the Koren family, which controls Hapvida, expanded their political ties with parties such as Progressives and Democrats — which are part of a group of rentier parties known as...

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