Explaining Brazil #156: The future of work in Brazil

In Brazil, the remote work solution was never easy, as the country has an extremely informal economy. This week, we discuss the future of work in Brazil

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, remote work became the go-to solution for companies. At first, it seemed a terrific way to circumvent the crisis and continue production while we waited for vaccines. And the results are difficult to dispute: despite a few outliers, countries with larger shares of their populations working from home generally fared better economically throughout the pandemic.

But in Brazil, the remote work solution was never easy. The country has an extremely informal economy, and tens of millions simply had to keep leaving their home to work, even during the strictest coronavirus restrictions. 

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  • João Paulo Cunha is a Market Research Manager at research company Instituto Locomotiva. He is a professor at the FIA Business School in São Paulo and holds a Master’s degree in economics and management from Pierre Mendès-France University in Grenoble.

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