Former Bolsonaro allies turn ‘anti-fascist’ as government opposition grows

Political figures elected on Jair Bolsonaro's coattails, and share many of his views, have now pivoted to anti-fascism in a bid for political capital

Former Bolsonaro allies turn anti-fascist as government opposition grows
São Paulo Mayor João Doria gives an interview to Italian TV station RAI. Photo: GOVESP

Brazil’s political crisis seems to be intensifying at about the same rate as the country’s Covid-19 cases. Attacks on the country’s institutions from President Jair Bolsonaro and his supporters appear to be occurring on a daily basis. And while the president’s support base seems to have held up so far, a number of new opposition forces are emerging.

This week, for instance, a new campaign dubbed “We are the 70 Percent” emerged, launched by “We’re In This Together” movement backed by major political figures across the political spectrum — such as former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Rio de...

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