Congress, Supreme Court declare three-day official mourning

Congress, Supreme Court declare three-day official mourning
Flag at half mast outside of the Congress building. Photo: Roque Sá/Agência Senado

After Brazil reached the 10,000 dead mark, both congressional chambers declared, in conjunction with the Supreme Court, three days of official mourning in the country. The move prohibits celebrations and festivities within the premises of the legislative and judiciary branches of government. With social isolation rules already in place, this was a given. Still, the move is also a subtle jab against President Jair Bolsonaro, who has been consistently dismissive about the victims of COVID-19.

On April 28, the president answered, “So What? What do you want me to do [about it]?,” when questioned about the rising death toll in Brazil. And yesterday, he cruised around Brasilía’s Paranoá Lake on a jet-ski (riding along with a bodyguard, in violation of social isolation rules) and talked to supporters partying on boats. Mr. Bolsonaro also didn’t bother to comment on the growing death toll.

On Thursday, House Speaker Rodrigo Maia said, without naming the president, that using state pressure to force the reopening of the economy, is a “near-criminal” act given the current circumstances.