Nine lawmakers face votes in Brazil’s House Ethics Committee

Nine lawmakers face votes in Brazil's House Ethics Committee
Brazil’s House Ethics Committee in session on June 1. Photo: Billy Boss/CD

The House’s Ethics Committee has votes on a series of motions against nine different lawmakers on its slate for Tuesday, including the president’s third-eldest son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, and high-profile right-wing Congressman Kim Kataguiri.

The Workers’ Party filed an impeachment request against Eduardo Bolsonaro after he took to social media to accuse leftist Senator Humberto Costa of having ties to Odebrecht — a construction group which became infamous for its participation in corruption schemes. Mr. Costa faced multiple corruption allegations but cases against him were dismissed.

Kim Kataguiri faces an impeachment request for saying on a podcast that he believes Nazism ought not be a crime in Brazil. A self-proclaimed unwavering defender of freedom of speech, Mr. Kataguiri said “anti-democratic” and “bizarre” ideas should be “socially rebuffed” as opposed to criminalized. 

The motion against Mr. Kataguiri before the Ethics Committee argues his words incited violence, based on a 1997 law banning the production, sale, and distribution of Nazi symbols and messages. Mr. Kataguiri later retracted his comments and said Nazism is “a criminal project.”