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Twitter announces “badges” to protect against disinformation

twitter misinformation
Photo: Koshiro K/Shutterstock

Twitter announced on Monday a new set of measures to curb the spread of disinformation during the Brazilian elections, as part of an agreement with electoral courts.

After politicians formally launch their candidacies, their profiles will carry a badge identifying the state and office for which they are running. According to Twitter, the badge will help users know with whom they are interacting. Brazil is the second country to adopt the badge, after the U.S. in 2020.

The platform also said it will initiate campaigns in July to raise awareness on how to spot misinformation – and how to report it to the platform so it can be removed. In January, the company had already introduced the possibility of reporting misleading content specifically linked to elections.

Another tool is the use of Moments, which gathers information on a given talked-about subject. Twitter itself will collect tweets from trusted sources and make them more visible so as to neutrally present the issues at hand. The curation team will be responsible for filtering the subjects and putting together informative collections that will be found at the top of the Explore tab.

The new rules form part of a “Civic Integrity Policy,” which, according to the platform, “is an extra layer of protection to ensure that the public debate that takes place on Twitter does not hinder voters from exercising their rights and responsibilities.”