Brazilian population grows to over 213.3 million

Brazilian population grows to over 213.3 million
Photo: Paulo Pinto/Fotos Publicas

Brazil remains the world’s sixth-largest country by population, with latest figures from national statistics bureau IBGE showing the population rising to 213,317,639 inhabitants in 2021.

This represents a 0.74-percent increase in relation to 2020, despite over half a million Covid-19 deaths being recorded over this period.

In the absence of a national census, IBGE reached this increased figure by way of population estimates in each of Brazil’s 27 states and 5,570 municipalities. Regarding individual states, there were largely no changes, with São Paulo still far and away the most populous — being home to over 46.6 million people. In the North, Roraima remains the least populous state, with 652,713 inhabitants.