YouTuber reportedly paid to share vaccine misinformation

youtuber misinformation
Photo: PixieMe/Shutterstock

Everson Zoio, a Brazilian YouTuber with over 12 million subscribers, is suspected of being part of a cash-for-content scam, paying producers to share vaccine misinformation, according to a BBC report.

A digital marketing agency called Fazze reportedly sent the YouTuber false information about deaths related to Pfizer vaccines. According to the report, the ad agency recommended influencers “advise” their followers against taking Covid-19 immunizers. 

Everson Zoio later deleted the videos concerned, after two European YouTubers uncovered the so-called ‘Fazze case.’ 

Back in March, non-profit news organizations revealed that the government paid digital influencers to tout unproven treatments against the coronavirus. In recent months, social media platforms began increasing their scrutiny of President Jair Bolsonaro’s posts — as well as of channels owned by his supporters. Fearing bans — as well as to avoid drawing the attention of Senate investigations — many began deleting videos containing misinformation.