Covid-19 was the second-largest cause of medical leave in Brazil last year

nurses medical leave
Almost 7,000 Brazilian nurses had to go on medical leave due to Covid-19 infections last year. Photo: Haris Mm/Shutterstock

In 2020, about 19,000 requests for medical leave in Brazil were coronavirus-related. According to data compiled by BBC Brasil, the virus was the second leading cause of work-related accidents and diseases in the country, behind finger injuries.

Nursing technicians were the most affected, with 6,894 instances of Covid-related leave. The profession also led the way on overall medical leave requests, with a total of 35,200 notices.

Besides health professionals, slaughterhouse workers and employees in the corporate sector were also highly impacted by the virus, with 840 and 1,096 coronavirus-related work leave requests respectively.

Moreover, more than 2,000 workers took leave from work after making contact with individuals infected by a contagious disease, such as Covid-19.