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Paulo Mendes da Rocha leaves behind incomparable legacy in Brazilian architecture

Among the most influential modernists in Brazilian history, Paulo Mendes da Rocha designed many of São Paulo's most famous tourist attractions and left a legacy of devoted followers

Paulo Mendes da rocha
Architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha was one of the most influential modernists in Brazilian history. Photo: Diego Padgurschi/Folhapress

Paulo Mendes da Rocha, one of the most celebrated figures in the history of Brazilian architecture, died on Sunday at 92 years of age. After a career spanning almost seven decades, he contracted lung cancer and was hospitalized in São Paulo. His son and fellow architect Pedro Mendes da Rocha wrote that, after spending his life designing buildings made from concrete and steel, his father was now “designing galaxies with the stars.”

Despite being born in Vitória, the capital of southeastern state Espírito Santo, Paulo Mendes da Rocha made his life and career in São Paulo, moving to the city...

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