‘Poison bill’ could progress this month, environment and human rights bodies are furious

The controversial bill would drastically change pesticide regulations, making it considerably easier for new and potentially harmful products to be licensed for use

congress pesticides regulation
Farmer in Petrolina, Pernambuco, sprays pesticides on a plantation. Photo: Toni Pires/Folhapress

In early March, thousands of Brazilians turned out to protest in front of Congress in Brasília. They were demonstrating against a series of environmentally harmful bills dubbed the ‘package of destruction,’ which the government and Congress seemed bent on approving despite public opposition and the bills’ damaging impact on the environment and human rights.

One of the bills in question passed the lower house just weeks earlier, after stalling in Congress for four years. The so-called ‘poison bill’ would revoke Brazil’s existing legislation on pesticides and relax use restrictions, with 301 votes to 150 in favor of approval. The bill...

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