Brazil’s cemeteries the next sector to collapse amid Covid-19 chaos

Major Brazilian cemeteries have suspended funerals and burials, running out of space to dig more graves as the coronavirus crisis worsens

cemeteries grief market death care
Overburdened cemeteries have suspended burials. Photo: Pedro Chavedar/TBR

On Wednesday, Brazil recorded 3,950 coronavirus deaths in what was the worst day of the pandemic so far. It rounded off a horrific month of March, which obliterated any previous records by adding almost 67,000 Covid-19 fatalities to the overall national tally. Casualties have been picking up for the past four months, and sources within the Health Ministry expect the situation to get even worse in April. The catastrophe has caused health networks around the country to collapse, with patients left to die without hospital treatment.

There are shortages of intensive care beds, medical oxygen, and...

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