In-person worship trial used as tryouts for Supreme Court seat

Brazil's Solicitor General and Prosecutor General are using a trial on the reopening of churches to please President Jair Bolsonaro and boost their chances to win a spot on the Supreme Court

supreme court seat churches
Mendonça: “True Christians are always willing to die for their religious freedom.” Photo: Carolina Antunes/PR

The longest-serving justice on Brazil’s Supreme Court, Marco Aurélio Mello will step down on July 5, one week before he turns 75 and reaches the court’s age of mandatory retirement. As one of the most valued perks of the top job, President Jair Bolsonaro will handpick his successor — and the government’s leading legal officials are already bending over backwards to please the head of state, hoping to convince Mr. Bolsonaro that they should be awarded the much-prized seat on the Supreme Court.

None of the potential replacements have been more blatant in their canvassing than Solicitor General André...

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