The far-right plan “to Ukraine” Brazil

A group of far-right Bolsonaro loyalists with fascist-inflected ideas wants to recreate the chaos seen in Ukraine in 2013 in modern-day Brazil

ukraine plan for brazil
Image: Anton Medvedev/Shutterstock

While Brazil marches toward becoming the world’s next Covid-19 epicenter, President Jair Bolsonaro’s attention is focused elsewhere. He is digging deeper into his trenches, trying to block a potential impeachment process or avoid becoming a lame-duck president with two and a half years left in his term. All the while, despite constant flip-flopping — such as bashing traditional political parties, then handing over jobs in his administration in exchange for their support — his core group of militants are ready to fight tooth-and-nail for Mr. Bolsonaro. Quite literally, as a matter of fact. One faction of Bolsonaro-supporting politicians and digital influencers...

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