Jair Bolsonaro wants this protected area to be a “Brazilian Cancún”

Jair Bolsonaro wants Angra dos Reis do be Brazil’s Cancún

As news of the Amazon forest fires goes viral on social media, President Jair Bolsonaro has come under the microscope for the environmental neglect pushed by his administration. Supported by agriculturalists, Mr. Bolsonaro’s discourse favors increasing the commercial exploitation of Brazil’s natural resources. Since May, Mr. Bolsonaro repeatedly proposed turning Angra dos Reis, a small beach town close to Rio de Janeiro, into what he calls the “Brazilian Cancún.”

Famous for its islands, crystal-clear water and biodiversity, Angra is protected by environmental reserves. To make the area more appealing to tourists, Mr. Bolsonaro’s project would dismantle the Tamoios Ecological...

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