Situated between city limits, mall split with reopening guidelines

Situated between city limits, mall split with reopening guidelines

A shopping mall shared between the cities of Sorocaba and Votorantim, in the state of São Paulo, has caused a conundrum between distancing guidelines as the cities diverge on reopening plans.

After Sorocaba decided to revoke its initial decision to reopen the economy for non-essential businesses due to a shortage in intensive care units, the portion of the mall within the Sorocaba city limits will be closed starting on Monday. However, neighboring city Votorantim has continued its original plan to reopen non-essential businesses, allowing its side of the mall to remain open.

The majority of the stores within the mall are on the Votorantim side and will open from 3 to 7 pm daily. Stores on the Sorocaba side will have to remain closed until at least Friday, when the city hall will reevaluate a potential reopening. Drive-thru and delivery services will remain open regardless of where the store is located.

Last week, The Brazilian Report covered a record rise in the number of Covid-19 deaths in São Paulo after the state authorized the reopening of non-essential businesses.

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