São Paulo’s Covid committee recommends masks again

São Paulo Covid masks recommendation
Photo: Jo Galvão/Shutterstock

São Paulo state’s Covid Scientific Committee is once again recommending that the population wear masks indoors to lower the transmission of the coronavirus. The state had lifted the requirement to wear masks in enclosed public spaces back in March.

“It’s a recommendation, not an obligation. Municipalities can decide to make [the measure] obligatory if they wish,” the committee’s coordinator, Paulo Menezes, said on Tuesday.

The announcement comes amid an increase in Covid cases across São Paulo, Brazil, and indeed Latin America. In São Paulo state, 492 Covid patients were admitted to hospitals on Tuesday — a 74.1 percent increase on the number of new admissions a fortnight earlier. Meanwhile, at a national level, Brazil recorded 72 deaths and 26,496 new cases on Monday.

São Paulo’s Covid Committee is also urging anyone who has not done so to get their booster jab. Nearly 80 percent of the population has had two vaccine doses in Brazil, but only 45 percent have got their third jab.