Meeting postponed with Bolsonaro’s new Chief of Staff

Meeting postponed Chief of Staff
Ciro Nogueira (center) will be Bolsonaro’s new Chief of Staff. Photo: Marcos Oliveira/SF/CC-BY 4.0

Senator Ciro Nogueira, head of the right-wing Progressives (PP) party, was set to meet with President Jair Bolsonaro today, at which time he was expected to be formally announced as the government’s new Chief of Staff. However, the meeting was postponed until tomorrow due to travel issues with the senator.

Mr. Nogueira was set to arrive in São Paulo this morning after a trip to Mexico City, but the flight was forced to make an additional landing. According to his press secretary, the senator is already on his way back to Brazil and should arrive tonight.

The appointment of Ciro Nogueira as Chief of Staff comes as a victory for the government’s congressional allies over the military branch within the administration. The two groups have locked horns in a battle for influence: while Mr. Bolsonaro’s military advisors are more open to the president’s anti-democratic threats, his allies in Congress are pivotal to avoiding an impeachment process against Mr. Bolsonaro.

Moreover, by handing the keys of his administration to the PP party, Mr. Bolsonaro hopes to improve his relationship with the Senate, allowing him to push through nominations for the Supreme Court and Federal Prosecution Office.