An EXPLOSIVE political crisis in Brazil, as if COVID-19 wasn’t enough – TBR Weekly #5

I’ve tried to change people from our security in Rio and, officially, I couldn’t. That’s over. I won’t wait for them to f*** over my entire family with shenanigans, or a friend of mine, because I can’t pull someone from security (…),” said President Jair Bolsonaro, who is accused of meddling with the Federal Police and is now under official investigation.⠀The video recording of an April cabinet meeting — in which Mr. Bolsonaro discussed his desire to fire the head of the Federal Police in Rio de Janeiro to protect his family — may be made public this Friday.⠀⠀In the meantime, Health Minister Nelson Teich resigned after less than one month in the job. Mr. Teich had disagreed with the president on social isolation measures and the use of chloroquine to treat Covid-19.⠀Jair Bolsonaro has shrugged off many scandals in his first 16 months.—-The Brazilian Report is an independent media outlet uniquely positioned to offer an insider’s view on current affairs in Brazil.