The ancient stone city of Pireneus: Brazil’s best-kept secret

The city of Pirenópolis attracts tourists from all over for its lavish vegetation. But its most stunning attraction is remains unknown

Stone City Pireneus lost hidden history Brazil
Brazil’s hidden “Stone City,” in Pirenópolis. Photo: Ed Alves for TBR

Pirenópolis is a charming tourist city almost slap-bang in the middle of Brazil. Visitors from around the country are drawn to its colonial architecture, stone-paved streets, and the natural beauty of its surroundings. Waterfalls and native forests are the main draws, but Pirenópolis has other natural attractions that the majority of Brazilians have never even heard of.

The more adventurous tourists are often found visiting a private property in Pirenópolis, admiring ancient rock formations. The so-called Lost City of Pirineus, or just Cidade de Pedra (City of Stone), is the largest site of its type in Brazil.


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