Businesses in Brazilian tourist city organize their own voluntary lockdown

Small business-owners in Alto Paraíso de Goiás took matters into their own hands after the local mayor failed to do so

voluntary lockdown brazil
Emptied inn located in Alto Paraíso de Goiás. Photo: Pousada Maya/

As hospital networks approach collapse in cities around Brazil, local governments are moving to toughen their social isolation measures and curb the spread of the coronavirus. However, since the beginning of the pandemic, nowhere in Brazil has seen a genuine lockdown.

Pressure from business sectors has kept city and state administrators from completely closing their economies, even during the most catastrophic moments of the pandemic, such as the oxygen shortage in Manaus.

President Jair Bolsonaro is another staunch opponent to lockdowns. “You can be sure of one thing, my army will not be on the street to force...

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