How the coronavirus is wrecking Brazil’s tourism industry

The entire tourism ecosystem in Brazil is in jeopardy — as states mull over lockdown measures — and the pandemic continues to spiral out of control

tourism coronavirus brazil
Once Brazil’s third-busiest hubs, Brasília’s Juscelino Kubitscheck Airport is nearly empty. Photo: Marcello Casal Jr/ABr

The Brazilian tourism industry had high hopes for 2020. According to the Travel Trends 2020 report, by Scottish travel platform Skyscanner, Brazil was one of the top 3 emerging destinations, with a 27-percent increase in global searches and bookings from 2018. Experts predicted that the loosening of visa policies to make life easier on travelers would begin to pay off, and projected a rise in revenue for the sector.

But then came the Covid-19 pandemic. Roughly 4 billion people in the world are currently under some sort of social isolation measure — or even strict lockdown — and nearly all...

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