🎮 Tech roundup: The Brazilian video game boom

With geographical barriers toppled and the rise of remote work, Brazilian video game developers have seen massive growth, with titles gaining international recognition

video gaming industry
Gamers at the BIG Festival, the biggest gaming event in Brazil. Photo: Eric Zalcman/TBR

Welcome to our Tech Roundup. In this week’s edition, we take a look at the strides made by Brazil’s gaming industry. 

Gaming is a thriving industry in Brazil

The Brazilian video game industry has seen 169-percent growth in the last four years, with the number of domestic developers increasing from 375 to 1,009. 

The figure was presented by national video game developer association Abragames during the latest edition of the BIG Festival, Latin America’s largest event for video game releases and showcases of innovations in digital entertainment. 

A global game. Eliana Russi, Abragames’s executive director, largely credits this growth to...

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