Supreme Court to rule on its access to social media data

A long-running case on how Brazilian authorities can access data held by Big Tech firms is due to be tried in the Supreme Court. At stake is the celerity of Brazilian investigations into digital crimes

supreme court big tech data
Photo montage: André Chiavassa/TBR

In 2020, a congressional committee investigating the spread of misinformation during the 2018 elections requested from social media platforms data from deleted accounts linked to the family of President Jair Bolsonaro. They wanted to investigate these accounts’ role in fake news rings. Twitter and Facebook, however, denied access and said they would only grant it if ordered to by U.S. courts.

The committee tried to subpoena Big Tech executives to explain themselves, but its work was then halted by Covid, and it is now set to shut down for good without fulfilling its goals or producing a final...

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