One Brazilian city challenges Uber for lower rides

Cheap and quick rides on Uber and 99 are no more in Brazil. And a city in São Paulo state has decided to build its own app to compete — achieving rousing success

coomappa uber
Photo: Coopmappa

The ride-hailing service industry in Brazil is caught in something of a perfect storm. 

Amid rising fuel prices, drivers are struggling to break even, being forced to cherry-pick fares and turn down less lucrative rides. Thousands have abandoned ride-hailing apps for other jobs, while many more have been purged by app companies themselves for selectively accepting and canceling fares.

While supply is down, demand is soaring. As the pandemic recedes, many more people are returning to in-person work and resuming active social lives. As we showed on our Brazil Daily newsletter on February 15, major metropolitan areas are seeing...

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