Tech Roundup: E-commerce tax worries state governments

A mix-up concerning e-commerce tax regulations could see state administrations miss out on billions in revenue, unless a speedy solution is found

tax electric cars remote work
Illustration: 13_Phunkod/Shutterstock

This week. Brazilian states could lose billions over e-commerce tax muddle. Electric cars enjoy a record year in Brazil. Study shows that employees are keener on remote work than their bosses. 

Brazilian states could lose billions from e-commerce tax in 2022

E-commerce has seen a boom in Brazil, almost entirely due to coronavirus restrictions placed on brick-and-mortar stores over the past 20 months. While the strategy has been a boon for retailers and tax-collecting governments alike, Brazilian states could lose up to BRL 9.8 billion (USD 1.74 billion) in e-commerce tax revenues this year, due to a loophole in a...

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