Anonymous offers to “help” Brazilian government amid hacking chaos

Several government agencies have had their websites and servers hacked over the past week. The problem, cause, and solution have yet to be found, highlighting Brazil's drastic cybersecurity vulnerabilities

anonymous hacking chaos
Photo: Giocalde/Shutterstock

The far-right Brazilian government launched a program entitled “Modernize Brazil,” promoting actions that “increase the efficiency of public administration and improve the provision of services.” However, the initiative arrives at a less-than-opportune time, as the administration’s Health Ministry and other agencies are still reeling from a series of unprecedented hacking attacks.

The Modernize Brazil seal is now emblazoned on a number of official government social media channels, including that of the Health Ministry, the department most affected by recent hacks. Since last week, websites of over 20 government agencies have been taken off the air or faced instability. Several...

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