Embraer launches concept line of ‘green planes’ amid ESG shift

The Brazilian planemaker's very future was in jeopardy last year, but it is now betting on a sustainability push to guarantee its market share in the medium and long-term

Embraer 'green planes ESG shift
Illustration: André Chiavassa/TBR

Brazilian planemaker Embraer launched the concept of its new line of planes on Monday, entitled “Energia.” The new craft will come in four models which represent the company’s vision for the future — and for carbon-free air travel. 

The Energia family of planes comes three months after Embraer — the world’s third-largest planemaker — launched a broad ESG plan to reposition itself amid rising concerns about climate change. Aviation makes up for roughly 2 percent of global climate change-inducing emissions — a percentage which could double by 2050 unless the sector radically changes its energy sources.

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