Privatization of Brazilian data holders faces snags and widespread criticism

The Brazilian government's plans to privatize massive data handlers Dataprev and Serpro was criticized from the get-go, and now the process is set to face lengthy delays

data handler privatization
Image: Shutterstock

In the 2018 election, Brazil’s financial elites came out in force to back far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro, believing that his choice of Chicago School economist Paulo Guedes as finance tsar would lead to four years of ultra-liberalism studded with a series of privatizations.

With less than 15 months remaining in the government’s term, Messrs. Bolsonaro and Guedes have very little to show for themselves with regard to their ultra-liberalist promises. Any major privatization plans have been sluggish and difficult to get off the ground, as has been the case of Dataprev and Serpro, two of Brazil’s largest state-owned IT companies.

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